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Fuyang Hunter Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.

"Hunter" since its inception in gas equipment industry after several years of development, market and customer recognition, in 2007 to build the professional production base in Zhejiang, incorporated in Fuyang Hunter Gas Equipment Co. Ltd., 2014 officially changed its name to Hangzhou Fuyang Hunter Gas Equipment Co. ltd.. Gas collection equipment research and development, design, manufacturing and service as one, all-round development of enterprises. Is located in the beautiful Fuchun River, is located in Hangzhou Fuyang high tech park in Hangzhou, West Lake and the National Scenic Area - Qiandao Lake, between Wonderland Yao Lin developed economy, the traffic is very convenient.
Hunter is a kind of energy saving, low carbon and environmental friendly enterprise specialized in pressure swing adsorption, nitrogen production, oxygen production and compressed air purification equipment. The product performance reaches the domestic advanced level. The company always adhere to the science and technology as the driving force, diversification, scale development, bold innovation, high-tech industrial development, cooperation with several scientific research institutions, formed its own unique system of scientific research, and actively contribute to energy saving.
The main products are: PSA adsorption nitrogen equipment, oxygen equipment, gas purification equipment, energy-saving oxygen rich combustion equipment, compressed air purification equipment and many other varieties. Won the approval of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, the products are exported to India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Mongolia and other countries, set up from inside and outside the complete operation system, ensure product sales and improve customer service service.
"Hunter" values honesty, knowledge, innovation, and teamwork, focusing on corporate culture and employee training. Provide excellent gas equipment and gas technology for manufacturing, adhere to providing the best products, real-time services, and establish reliable partners and customers. Whether now or in the future, we are convinced that the success of our customers is our success.